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TMS Therapy Information for Doctors

Debating the cost and logistics of TMS equipment for your clinic or practice? NeuroJust Mobile can solve both of those issues!
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The NeuroJust
Mobile Solution

Partnering with major manufacturers within the TMS Therapy niche, NeuroJust Mobile leverages the most cutting-edge technology available on the market. Now, doctors and medical professionals don’t have to face cost barriers or other obstacles associated with purchasing an in-office machine for this specific treatment. Instead, NeuroJust Mobile comes to you with the device and a certified technician. 

Our trained technicians will help patients suffering from depression by targeting problematic areas of the brain and reforming them through techniques specific to TMS Therapy. Our clean, modern van will make clients feel comfortable and welcomed, as we work together to better their mental well-being. We’re precise in our method, targeted in our treatment, and focused on our mission.

Easily Overcome the Obstacles of TMS Therapy

TMS Therapy is a great solution for patients suffering from a diagnosis and/or symptoms of depression. For doctors and health professionals; however, there are many obstacles that might impede your ability to offer this type of treatment, such as:

Grow Your
Patient Base & Revenue Margin

By using NeuroJust mobile, your revenue will increase with the number of patients that you are able to treat successfully with TMS Therapy.  If you were to purchase your own equipment, revenue would be offset by the cost of the machine, additional staff required to support the treatment, facility space requirements, and disruption to your current practice.  With NeuroJust Mobile, you can keep growing your offerings instead of hitting a proverbial wall once your services begin to expand. That’s the NeuroJust Mobile incentive!

Whom Amongst Your Patients Will
Qualify for TMS Treatments?

Patients can qualify for TMS therapy if on a depression scale of 2+. According to insurers in 2019, for private practices, most patients require 2 failed medications in 2 different classes (4 medical trials in total).

Our Trained Staff
of Professionals Will Work with Your Staff.

One of the best aspects of NeuroJust Mobile is our trained staff of professionals. Our staff will arrive at your clinic’s front door, along with our state-of-the-art medical van and have all the tools and know-how to administer TMS Treatment. Patients are overseen by doctor(s) at your facility with NeuroJust trained technicians administering the treatments. NeuroJust Mobile makes treatments easy for health professionals to host, cuts financial overhead with its own staff and equipment, and provides patients with an alternative solution to their mental health struggles.

The Mental Health Professionals of Today Partner with Those
Looking to the Future

For doctors and health professionals looking to expand their offerings of mental health services without the price tag, NeuroJust Mobile might be the solution for you. This easily qualifiable program with long-lasting results makes mobile mental health treatments more accessible to a wide range of patients, who might be seeking other options to address their struggle with depression.

Partner with NeuroJust Mobile for
a Better Solution

NeuroJust Mobile is a practical solution to offer TMS Therapy at your clinic or practice! Let us know you're interested in our mobile TMS treatments by filling out the form below:

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