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June 21, 2023


NeuroJustOffers Cutting-edge TMS Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Depression rates among adults have reached an all-time high according to a May 2023 study published by Gallup.  The poll found that 29% of U.S. adults reportbeing diagnosed with depression at some point during their lifetime, an increase from 19.6% in 2015. That’s more than 50 million people suffering from depression daily, and the debilitating illness does not discriminate.  

Depression affects people from every age group, ethnic background, income level, and social circle. Surprisingly, even those who seem to have it all—impressive education, stable careers, financial prosperity,luxurious homes, and an enviable life brimming with picture-perfect moments—are not immune to its paralyzing grasp.

The good news is there is hope for those struggling with depression and it does not require medication.  The solution is TMS Therapy. Even better, there is a TMS clinic right in your neighborhood. NeuroJust TMS, located in Old Metairie Village, provides patients struggling with severe depression with an innovative option for managing mental health.

What is TMS?  

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment for depression that makes minor neurological adjustments using magnetic pulses to stimulate and re-engage neural pathways in your brain that are tied to mood control and depression. Essentially, when a person experiences depression the neurons in their brain that allow them to feel happy are inactive (see right brain in picture). The magnetic pulses from TMS wake up those inactive neurons,so your brain is physically able to feel happy (left brain in picture).  At NeuroJust, we literally change your mind so you can change your life.

Founders Jourdan Generes, Ryan Banquer and LeAnne Woessner opened the clinic to make mental healthcare available and affordable to all, especially considering the worsening mental health crisis following the Covid-19 pandemic. They saw the success of TMS therapy around the country and wanted to bring that home to people suffering in New Orleans.

The results have been overwhelmingly positive. 85% of NeuroJust patients have experienced significant improvement in their depression symptoms as defined by insurance as having a 50% reduction or more in depressive symptoms, while 67% achieve complete remission in as little as four to sixweeks.  

The NeuroJust team reports that there is no better feeling than being a part of their patients’ healing process and witnessing the transformative effect TMS has on their lives.  

What can you expect during a TMS treatment?  

TMS is a brief outpatient treatment that lasts about 20 minutes and is administered by Dr. Chance McInnis, a Board-Certified Psychiatrist with extensive experience. Patients relax in a comfortable reclining chair and remain awake for the treatment, as TMS is not painful and does not require any medications or sedation.  Unlike antidepressants or Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), TMS patients experience minimal side effects.

If you or someone you loveis living with depression, it may be worth looking into TMS. NeuroJust can help you on your journey to improve your mental health! Our highly trained medicalstaff will meet with you during a free consultation to see if TMS is right foryou, and if so, we will work with your insurance company to get the best coverage. TMS is covered by Medicare, Tricare & most commercial plans. For more information on NeuroJust TMS therapy, please call 504.619.8685 or visit