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Tips On Activities To Stay Busy During Remission

October 6, 2021

For many people who've gone through TMS and achieved remission, the joy they feel is immeasurable. One of the comments we often hear our patients make is, "What do I do with myself now that I feel so good?" Depression can literally rob a person of their livelihood, and finally breaking away from the doom and gloom brings a sense of peace and calm back to a human being, but what can you do now that you feel you have your life back?

Here's just a few things that might help to steer you back to living a more wholesome and joy-filled life.

  • Start your day with a quick shower or bath, this always helps to wake cycle and you'll feel more energized to embark on your day
  • Grab a cup of decaf, open all your blinds and let the sun shine in
  • Begin your day with some sort of positive statement. This could be a daily passage, inspirational quote, or perhaps something you write and post on refrigerator every evening just before bed. Read it and reflect on what it says.
  • Take a brief walk, walk the dog, or simply walk outdoors and just take in the beauty of the day. If it's cloudy and rainy, refuse to let it rob you of your joy
  • Make a list of 2-3 hobbies or things you can do from home that bring you peace and comfort, and that you enjoy (or think you may enjoy) doing. Here's a few things we can recommend: Scrapbooking, Making jewelry, Essential oils, Adult coloring, Redecorating your home, Planting flowers or gardening, Needlepoint, crocheting, Drawing, and Playing an instrument.
  • Plan a date night once a week with your spouse, a friend, or someone you enjoy being around (go to dinner, take in a movie, go for a walk together, play games, etc)
  • Start something you've always wanted to do but have not felt the ambition to move forward with - just do it!
  • Encourage family gatherings or game nights with friends
  • Plan an occasional backyard barbe-que
  • Cooking, cake decorating, pastries
  • Take a road trip and do some sightseeing
  • Watch a comedy or family drama in the evening
  • Clean you house once a week - this isn't always the most fun thing to do for most people, but it can sure make you feel good when your home is clean
  • Do something nice for someone else
  • Take a bubble bath a couple time a week, turn the lights off, light a few candles, and just relax
  • Visit a park (take the dog, walk with a friend or spouse, and just get out of the house)
  • Plan a vacation
  • Start a home-based business

The key is to remain fairly active and find something to do that you can enjoy. There's nothing wrong with doing nothing once in awhile, but when we do too much of 'nothing' we tend to fall back into our normal patterns, and this is the place we want to move away from.

We wish the absolute best on your new journey!